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Hi ArabanaClimate (note the spelling)!

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Been a long time no posting, not much interest or responses to past posts… that’s life!

The project is near complete. A new web site is about to go live called the ArabanaClimateChangeToolKit.

I will link this blog.

Climate change, it will be tough for Arabana people, that is the outcome of the project. Of course, you could have said, we could have told you that before you started! From what the western science says, from what the Arabana told and shown us, rapid climate change in Arabana Country is going to be difficult to deal with.

However, the adaptation plan approved by the Board of Directors should help make sure, the changes felt will hopefully be managed as well as can be.

Will post the new web site when it goes live.




Arabunna Native Title Determination

Congratulations Arabunna People…

Arabunna Climate Change science report in process of peer review

The report outlining climate change predictions for Arabunna Country has been drafted by Dr. John Tibby and is now in the process of being peer reviewed.

For all those who don’t know what peer review is, click on the link below for a brief article about what it means: http://searchsoftwarequality.techtarget.com/definition/peer-review

In short, a peer review will mean that the report will be checked by the authors equals (peers) to make sure it is up to scratch!

The climate change predictions will be presented to Arabunna people once the peer review process is complete.


Mail out done at last!

The mail out introducing the project to the Arabunna people is finally complete!

We had a last minute DVD burning issue which slowed us down, but all done now. This means, over 500 people have been sent a brochure and DVD introducing the project. Thank you to the Arabunna Ularaka Association and Stephen Kenny for providing the opportunity to send out the information.

If you come across anyone who mentions the brochure, make sure you remind them to get in touch and help write the adaptation plan!



Welcome to the ArabunnaClimate blog!

This blog is dedicated to the project “Arabunna Country – community based adaptation to climate change”.

The blog enables anyone involved or interested in the project to contribute ideas, comments, pictures and video.

Importantly, it will enable the research team to obtain the feedback they need on how best to help the Arabunna People write a climate change adaptation plan best suited to help them into the future!

So please, get stuck in!

Happy blogging!