About ArabunnaClimate

This blog is managed by Rob Palmer as part of a project that is helping to write a climate change adaptation plan for Arabunna Country in South Australia. Covering a vast area of stunning and fragile desert country, the project aims to get as many Arabunna people as possible involved in the project and help write a plan that they have ownership over.

Arabana blog

Please note – this blog is currently having a big sleep. It will awaken again, just not for now :-). Rob



Arabana Native Title

Hi, I was asked a question about the Arabana Aboriginal Corporation. Please visit the link to find out in plain English the extent of Native Title rights the Arabana have regarding their Country. 


Arabana Aboriginal Corporation new web site launched!

Hi to anyone looking at this post. The Arabana Aboriginal Corporation finally have a live and active web site. Check it out at http://www.arabana.com.au

Arabana exhibition a great success

Hi everyone, the Arabana art exhibition that was part of the South Australian Living Artists Festival was a ripper. Over the week, hundreds of people stopped for a look and thousands walked past having a quick glimpse whilst on their way to a lecture or tute! Thanks to all involved! 


Communications Toolkit now live

Hi there, recently, the Arabana Native Title Board of Directors approved the launch of the Arabana Climate Change Adaptation toolkit. Although we will do an official launch, for those following the blog, please take a sneaky peak! www.arabanaclimate.info



Arabana Climate Change Communications Toolkit coming soon

Hi there, good news, the Arabana Climate Change Adaptation Communications Toolkit is coming soon. The web site will provide you with information about the project, provide access to spectacular images and raw video to help you communicate climate change adaptation into the future.