Long time no post

Hi ArabanaClimate (note the spelling)!

I got a hit, which prompted me to post! Thanks cliffsymposium2013

Been a long time no posting, not much interest or responses to past posts… that’s life!

The project is near complete. A new web site is about to go live called the ArabanaClimateChangeToolKit.

I will link this blog.

Climate change, it will be tough for Arabana people, that is the outcome of the project. Of course, you could have said, we could have told you that before you started! From what the western science says, from what the Arabana told and shown us, rapid climate change in Arabana Country is going to be difficult to deal with.

However, the adaptation plan approved by the Board of Directors should help make sure, the changes felt will hopefully be managed as well as can be.

Will post the new web site when it goes live.



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